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Overview of Cresson

Cresson is a small city located in Texas. While it is a relatively new city and has a small population, Cresson is one of the best places to live in the state. The climate is great with hot and humid summers and mild to cool winters. The humid subtropical climate attracts many visitors and even retirees enjoy the weather. In terms of education, two schools serve the area, the Granbury Independent School District and the Aledo Independent School District. The city’s name is linked to John Cresson, a captain of a train during the Civil War and also to Cresson, Pennsylvania that shares a similar railroading history.

If you are tired of seeing your extra furniture in your home and you can no longer enjoy the spaces because of the too many stuffs you have, you should consider renting a unit from Silver Stone Storage LLC. The company has free space that you can rent for a variable period until you can decide on what to do with these extras. Many individuals have done this strategy and it benefited them. With only a minimal fee, it’s like having an extension of your home. The best part of it, you can once again enjoy the space that you once lost due to the extra stuffs that you have.

Lilly Gets An Upgrade

Texas Eastern is seeking US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval to replace the existing compressor units and related facilities at its Lilly Compressor Station located in Cresson Township, Pennsylvania, USA. Read more here.

The new upgrade on Lilly Compressor Station is long-time overdue. Some of the gas-fired turbines have been installed and have been in operation since 1950’s and it’s only high time that these gas turbines retire. Replacing them with new solar titan units may improve the overall performance. What is even important is that the new devices are environmentally-friendly with lower emission of carbon monoxide and other organic hazardous pollutants. The project is a great move from authorities and this will benefit not just today’s generation but the future as well. Kudos to those who have thought of this project and the people behind its funding.

Big Bend National Park in Texas

Big Bend National Park is a geological park that features fossils of prehistoric era and serves as home for more than a thousand species of plants and animals. This is where you will find a portion of the Rio Grande, an important international mark that separates Mexico from US. Its rich natural resources include the famous Pine Canyon falls, variety of fauna like the pink bluebonnets, and the wide collection of wild animals. For many tourists, the Big Bend is a favorite destination for hiking and backpacking. On a clear night, the area offers a great view of thousands of stars, the bright planets and even the Milky Way, giving it the name certified dark-sky park.

The growing demand for safe and secure residential and business storage facilities is the reason why Silver Stone Storage LLC was born. Homeowners and business owners are tired of too expensive facilities that do not meet the expectations of clients. With Silver Stone Storage LLC, you can count on their varying sizes of storage facilities. Whether you only need a small space or a big one, they got you covered. All their facilities are accessible 24 hours a day and they are well secured. You can have the peace of mind knowing that all your valuables are securely stored in their corrosive-resistant storage.

Link to Map

Big Bend National Park
TX, United States

Get on I-20 E in Notrees from US-385 N and FM 1053 N
2 h 25 min (159 mi)

Follow I-20 E to Interstate 20 Frontage Rd in Weatherford. Take exit 408 from I-20 E
4 h 25 min (314 mi)

Take TX-171 S to Red Rock Dr in Hood County
23 min (20.1 mi)

Silver Stone Storage
101 Silver Stone Drive,
Cresson, TX 76035, United States

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